The usual size of drawer slide rail is: 10 inch, 12 inch, 14 inch, 16 inch, 18 inch, 20 inch.

More sizes can be customized.

I. Categories

1. Bottom drawer slide rail.

2. Steel ball type drawer slide rail.

3. Roller type drawer slide rail.

Two, choose and buy

1. Specific gravity: usually refers to the weight of the same length or volume unit, here refers to the weight of the drawer slide of the same type (such as two rails).

2, surface treatment: this point with the naked eye can be seen good or bad. Don't listen to too much sales talk, see the natural understand.

3, structure and material: look at the thickness of the metal cross section of the drawer slide, as well as its structure, usually use a lot of plastic parts of the drawer slide quality is not as good as the full metal slide.

4, application: stretch the drawer slide can feel its weight, strength and so on.

Three, commonly used drawer slide rail for three sections of track

The three sliding rails are composed of inner rail (movable rail), middle rail and outer rail (fixed rail). Two slides can be pulled out of the length of about 3/4 of the drawer (double layer of two steel ball slide rail exception), and three slides can be pulled out of the whole drawer, because three slides can be pulled out of the drawer, in the use of more convenient than two slides. Ball bearing force is uniform, push and pull smooth, quiet buffer.