With the development of society, more and more people will choose beautiful furniture in furniture decoration. The kitchen is no longer just a place to cook, but also a kind of artistic enjoyment of home life. The selection of kitchen cabinets is also getting more and more attention. Whole-house custom business is also on the rise. How to choose a good hinge for the cabinet has become a headache for the whole house customization business.

Choose a hinge suitable for their own cabinet use, just like buying a piece of clothes for themselves, first is to be suitable for their own use, and then is the appearance is good. The last thing is how it looks overall. So we want to choose the right hinge for their cabinets, we should pay attention to

1. The first thing to consider is that the cabinet is a furniture with the most exposure to water. So when choosing hinges, we should first pay attention to the corrosion resistance of hinges, which depends on electroplating a hinge that can not withstand the test will destroy the overall beauty of a cabinet.

2. Then it is necessary to pay attention to the buffer capacity of the hydraulic hinge and the length of the hydraulic rod. If the hydraulic rod is too long, the bearing capacity will become worse and the door will fall easily. In addition, too short can not be selected, because too short hydraulic rod buffer capacity is poor, can not reach the effect we want.

3. Finally, the installation problem, quick installation or fixed installation mainly depends on their own needs, we generally choose fixed installation, because fixed installation can give guests a strong feeling. The debugging after installation is very important. Whether a door can be installed well depends on this debugging. Debugging well can reflect the beauty of a cabinet.

4. At the same time, we should also pay attention to more other external factors, such as: 1. The reputation of the manufacturer, the most important thing in business is credit. 2. The manufacturer's delivery time, no matter how good the product, can not be delivered on time, will also cause their own troubles. 3. Service to customers, not only pre-sales service, after-sales service is also very important. Only good service can let oneself use happy, rest assured.

Choose the right hinge, in order to set off a good cabinet, choose a good cooperation manufacturer, in order to let yourself at ease, comfortable.