1. Determine the hinge position.

First measure the size of the cabinet door, and then determine the installation position according to the width and height of the cabinet door. The installation position should be appropriate, and a certain width should be reserved at the top and bottom of the cabinet door, and the installation should be firmly ensured.

2. Number of hinges installed.

Then to determine the number of installation, this should be determined according to the width and height of the cabinet door, weight and other factors. For example, if the height of the cabinet door is more than 1.5 meters and the weight is 9~12kg, then three hinges should be selected to ensure that the cabinet door is firmly installed.

3. Drill holes in the cabinet door.

Next, you can start to install the hinges by marking the door panels with a measuring plate and then drilling holes in the cabinet doors with a hand drill. Attention should be paid to the width of the hole, which should be consistent with the mounting hole of the hinge cup. The general width is about 10 mm. Of course, it also depends on the specific large hole of the hinge cup, and the depth of the drilling hole is usually about 5 mm.

4. Install the hinge cup.

The hinge cup is then installed. Special screws are selected, usually self-tapping screws are used to secure it, and special tools are used to press the hinge cup into the door panel. Then secure it with a pre-cut hole, and finally secure it completely with a screwdriver.

5. Install hinge seat.

Then install hinge seat, hinge installation step is basically completed. When installing the hinge seat, special screws should also be selected to fix the screws, so that the hinge seat can be firmly installed, and then directly pressed into the machine to complete the installation.

6. Hinge adjustment.

Finally, it is necessary to adjust the hinge after installation, which can be adjusted six ways after installation. The hinges on the same door panel should be aligned up and down without tilting, and the spacing of the doors should be about 2mm after installation.