The use of cabinet cannot be separated from hardware accessories. The importance of hardware accessories can be imagined. If the handle, hinge, hinge and other hardware accessories are broken, it will be troublesome and affect the normal use. So what should we do if our cabinet door hinges suddenly come off?

First of all, we need to check whether the screws are loose. If the screws are only loose, we only need to turn a screwdriver clockwise to fix the screws.

Second, if there is a large gap in the cabinet door, the cabinet door is not tight, and the cabinet door is not equal, we need to adjust the three adjusting screws on the hinge body.

Third, if the hinge itself appears serious rust and other special circumstances affect the use of the hinge function, at this time we need to replace the new hinge, pay attention to the need to choose the same specifications and styles of the hinge, to ensure that the installation hole is the same, there is no need to re-punch.

Fourth, if the fixing plate is broken, sliding teeth and other circumstances can not fix the screw, we can install such a hinge fixing plate. Fasten the retainer to the hinges, then attach the retainer to the cabinet door, screw it in, and tighten it as good as new.